Choosing a ductable air conditioner

You are wondering what is a ductable air conditioner ? To put air conditioning in your home without opting for one that consumes a lot, simply make the choice of the ductable air conditioning which proves to be the best of the market nowadays.
Indeed, it is ideal because in addition to giving your home a ductable air conditioning, it is also very quiet and aesthetic. You won’t even notice it’s there. It is because of all these assets that many specialists advise to take it in your home, because it is the cream of the crop in terms of air conditioning.
You will see, once it is in your house, it will not only cool it, but also be a great source of heat. All this will be done without consuming much energy.
In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the ductable air conditioning which is a wise choice.

The ductable air conditioner can also heat

For more precision, the gainabe air conditioner is none other than a reversible split. Indeed, a split air conditioner has two units. In the first one you will find the system allowing the cooling of your home, and its heating. This first unit has all the noisy elements of the refrigerating circuit, and it is generally placed outside the house.

The second unit is placed in the room. Thanks to it, you can regulate either the cooling or the heating of the room. This will be done according to the weather and what you want.

Thanks to its reversible character, you will be able to use the ductable air conditioner in summer or in winter, because as said above, it will not only serve you as a cooler, but will also be a source of heat production for your home. From now on, in France, for all the air-conditionings which will be sold, those will have to respect these standards.

Are there really any differences between ducted and non-ducted systems?

Conventional monosplit or multisplit air-conditioning systems are equipped with numerous pipes whose role is to carry the refrigerant.
It is thanks to this fluid that heat and coolness are transported from the outside to the inside. In a simple way, while circulating in the interior unit, this one the heat or the freshness which it redirects towards outside.
In the ductable air conditioning, the interior unit is almost non-existent. Indeed, this one is equipped with a system which makes circulate the coolness or the heat towards the interior of the house. This is possible thanks to the ducts that are located in false ceilings and in the walls.
If you choose the ductable air conditioning system, you will have one of the most discreet air conditioners on the market. However, it should be noted that the installation of a ducted air conditioning system requires much more work, than a conventional monosplit or multisplit air conditioning system.
ductable air conditioner

How to choose a ducted air conditioner?

Choosing a ducted air conditioner is not an easy task. Indeed, you must take several parameters into account.
Firstly, you have to take into account the size of the ducts. This is essential because the system chosen must be as discreet as possible.
Basically, you must not make a mistake on the air flow that will be routed. To do this, it must be meticulously calculated according to the total volume to be cooled or heated.
Secondly, for a good choice, we advise you to call upon a professional of the air conditioning.
With a professional, the dimensions of the room to be heated or cooled will be perfectly determined, for the necessary air flow and the power of the outdoor unit.
Thanks to the information he will collect, he will be able to better determine the length and diameter of the ducts that will be installed.
Also, the installation of a ductable air conditioning is easy to install during the construction of the house. Indeed, it is easier for the professionals to put the ducts in the attic, and in the false ceilings during the construction of the house.

However, you can also perform this operation during the renovation of your house, even if the work will be more immense.
It should also be noted that thanks to the insulation of the attic, the professional will be able to better implement the gains under the roof. Thus, the expenses will be reduced.
However, the operation can also be done during a renovation, although the work will be more important.
The insulation of the attic can allow the installation of the ducts under the roof. This will reduce labor costs and increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
Also, before choosing a ducted air conditioning system, we recommend that you first call on a specialist to carry out a thermal assessment of your home. This will allow you to know the dimensions of your house and also to know the power that the device must have.
The SCOP, the SEER and the heating capacity are elements to take into account when you choose your air conditioning system.
Finally, we advise you to always make a price comparison for the same ranges because the energy labels can sometimes be misleading.

How to choose your air conditioning system? Our company helps you to choose among the different systems: monoblock, multi-plit air conditioner, ductable air conditioner. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Whether you live in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai, our technicians will accompany you to make the best choice for your air conditioning system.

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