monoblock air conditioner

Should you use a monoblock air conditioner for your home ? Nowadays, we notice an abusive increase of heat in the regions of Thailand due to the global warming. In order to mitigate this, what better way than to have an air conditioner to cool your home.
Indeed, in Thailand, you will find a multitude of air conditioners, some more special than others. In this article, we are going to dwell on the monobloc air conditioners and the advantages they will offer you. So, stay with us until the end of this article and you will know everything there is to know about monoblock air conditioners.

What is a monoblock air conditioner ?

Unlike the split air conditioner which has one of two units and does not require an outdoor unit, the monoblock air conditioner is a type of air conditioner with only one unit. Generally the monobloc air conditioner is placed next to a window. Moreover, it is accessible to all at the purchase price. Indeed, with the help of a refrigerant that it possesses, it takes care of the cooling of the hot air and rejects it thereafter outside the house through a duct of evacuation. This is possible thanks to four fundamental components: the condenser, the expansion valve, the compressor and the evaporator.

Nowadays, thanks to the vast market of air conditioners, Thailand offers a wide variety of packaged air conditioners as opposed to stationary and mobile air conditioners.

In order to be moved more easily, a mobile air conditioner is not equipped with wheels. However, it will have the possibility to have an opening on the outside. If you want a wall-mounted air conditioner, its exhaust will be integrated into the wall. Of course, this makes them very expensive air conditioners, nevertheless very efficient.

monoblock air conditioner

Advantages and disadvantages of this air conditioning system

If you choose a monoblock air conditioner, you will have a quickly air-conditioned room. However, this type of air conditioner is not recommended for very large rooms, as it will not fully cool the room.

The monoblock air conditioner is easy to install, and will cool your small room. It is also used to purify or filter the air. However, it should be noted that unlike the split air conditioner which emits almost no noise, the monoblock air conditioner is quite noisy. This causes the regular movement of its condensers.

The other advantage of the monoblock air conditioner is that it has the Inverter technology. Indeed, thanks to this technology, the air conditioner will have a stable consumption, thus allowing an abusive consumption of energy. It also avoids its untimely start.
Finally, the reversible air conditioner allows not only to cool the house, but also to heat it in mid-season. Thus, a reversible air-conditioning is usable as well in summer as in winter. It is really an excellent investment because it will accompany you throughout the year. However, before buying your air conditioner, do not hesitate to pay attention to the energy class in order to make an accurate estimate of the consumption costs.

How to maintain your monoblock air conditioning system ?

Ongoing maintenance of your unit will not only keep its airflow, but also maintain its cooling properties. For its maintenance, you will need few tools. All you need to do is clean all the filters regularly, and change them regularly. You will also have to remove dust from its fan, and finally make a drain of the condensate trays. For cleaning the unit itself, this is very simple; just use a slightly dampened cloth or sponge.

Choosing a monoblock air conditioner means choosing to live in optimal coolness. You will see, once you have used it, you will not be able to do without it.

How to choose your air conditioning system? Our company helps you to choose among the different systems: monoblock, multi-plit air conditioner, ductable air conditioner. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Whether you live in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai, our technicians will accompany you to make the best choice for your air conditioning system.

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