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Do u need an air conditioner cleaning in uttaradit ? We are a serious company dedicated to the installation, maintenance, repair and the cleaning of air conditioning in uttaradit. Our team of technicians, as well qualified as rigorous, brings its knowledge to you for your comfort of life and your safety. The risks associated with a defective air conditioning system can be dangerous. The intervention of a professional air conditioning repair and cleaning company is therefore necessary as soon as possible for your safety and comfort. Contact our AC cleaning company in uttaradit

Air conditioning cleaning Services uttaradit

Our air conditioning cleaning service in uttaradit ensures that your home stays comfortable and pleasant to live in.
Cleaning your air conditioner in uttaradit offers you the advantage of avoiding breakdowns and having to change your appliances.

Your air conditioner is not producing enough air, or maybe you have noticed that water is leaking from the air conditioner? It is then time to call our AC cleaning uttaradit company quickly.

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Air conditioner Repair uttaradit

Air conditioner Repair uttaradit

Most of times, when our customers need to call for an air conditioner repair service, they have several expectations. First of all, they expect a quick response and intervention. Our air conditioning repair company in uttaradit will be at your home within a day! In other words, no matter what time you contact us, we will be there to answer you and solve your problem as soon as possible. Our team also travels for free in uttaradit, from 9 am to 6 pm and 6 days a week. The examination of the breakdown is fast and the intervention follows. Regarding the hourly rate of our services, we are totally transparent. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the breakdown and the air conditioning system. It can also vary if depending on the defective part of your air conditioning. A follow-up of the machine via a maintenance contract will also be proposed to you.

air conditioner cleaning uttaradit


It can be complicated to choose an air conditioning cleaning company in uttaradit from the market. We are convinced that we are the best company for you! With 10 years of experience in air conditioner maintenance and cleaning in uttaradit, our company offers you services that match your needs. Trust our team of 5 experienced professional technicians with your eyes closed when you call on the company’s expertise. Our air conditioning cleaning company in uttaradit is distinguished today by a high technical level in the field, dedication, availability and our professionalism. Our air conditioning cleaning company in uttaradit will always be available and attentive to your needs. Our technicians are very responsive to any request and respect the deadlines of intervention, at competitive prices. All this while providing an exceptional quality service.

air conditioner installation uttaradit


Are you planning a new air conditioning installation in uttaradit for your home ?  You will have to take into account several criteria, which will ensure a better performance of your system and obtain an optimal result. The selection of a company is then a crucial choice. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes! The proposed service must not only take into account your budget but also ensure a perfect installation and a quality result.Our air conditioning installation service in uttaradit for ensures a ten-year warranty! The qualification of our technicians for the installation of your air conditioning system is renowned throughout Thailand. We will be able to accompany you and advise you on the material to be installed in foction of the particularities of your housing or of your companies. The brands of air conditioning have significant differences in quality and price.

WITH OUR ac Cleaning uttaradit SERVICE :  excellence guaranteed!

frequently asked questions about aircon cleaning uttaradit

Users with air conditioning systems may have a number of questions. Our team of professionals at AIRCONDITIONING CLEANING will provide clear and convincing answers to reassure you. Here are the most frequently asked questions followed by the answers:

Why does my indoor unit have an unpleasant smell ?

The bad smell coming from your indoor unit is usually caused by dust and mildew deposits in the pipes and the water collection tray.
The filters are probably clogged and therefore become inoperative. There is no need to worry about this. Just clean the pipes and the filter and the problem will be solved.
If the problem persists, you will have to call a specialist who is able to make the right diagnosis and propose the appropriate solution.

At night, my system is too noisy and it disturbs my sleep. How can I solve this problem?

First of all, you must make sure that the motor unit is installed far enough away from living areas. Otherwise, the slightest noise, however small, can be unbearable in the long run.
The choice of location of this part of the device is very important. That’s why you need to call in the professionals to install your air conditioner in a thoughtful way.
Technological progress has made it possible to manufacture appliances with very low noise levels, as they have a silent mode. Before going to bed, remember to activate this mode, your appliance will become much quieter.
Noise can also come from the motor block’s mounting points. Check these points and intervene if there is a problem.
Overly dirty filters can also be the cause of this problem. So, do not hesitate to clean them regularly and eventually replace them. If after all these operations the problem persists, then get help from a professional.
The display of the indoor unit indicates a failure. What should I do?
Your unit is equipped with a protection system that indicates any malfunction that could cause its deterioration. Contact a professional who will diagnose the problem and take steps to prevent further problems.

Is it true that air conditioning can create unbearable draughts in the house?
It all depends on the technical and feasibility study that your installer has done. If it is poorly done, then the answer to your question is yes.
Most of the devices are designed in such a way that they do not create any annoying draughts. On the contrary, technological advances have made it possible to design units that diffuse cold or warm air depending on the ambient temperature.
My children and I are very sensitive and I have been advised against air conditioning my house. What would you recommend?
The latest generation of air conditioners are equipped with filters that allow them to diffuse air without particles or dust. The air breathed is dehumidified, pure and healthy.
Therefore, there is no disadvantage to installing an air conditioner in your home as long as the device is well chosen and the study is done by professionals.
Does the exposure of my house play a role in the installation of air conditioning ?
Before installing an air conditioning system in a house, it is necessary to calculate the heat balance of each room and take into account some of their characteristics such as the glass parts, lighting, function (living room, bedroom, kitchen) and exposure.
So the answer is yes, the exposure of the house plays a role, because it is one of the parameters that must be taken into account to calculate the heat balance.
I have smoke coming out of my indoor unit. Is there anything to worry about?
No, there is nothing to worry about. This is due to the high temperature and humidity in the room, and when the cool air from the air conditioner comes in contact with it, it may look like smoke.
The air conditioner could also be in defrost mode and it is normal for it to give off a small amount of steam.


Choosing our air conditioning company to clean, repair and install your equipment in uttaradit offers you the advantage of compliance and a good follow-up of your devices to avoid breakdowns. You can learn about the reputation of our company, the knowledge and quality of customer service. We can answer each of your questions objectively and our estimates and travel are free. Whether you want to install a monoblock air conditioner, a multi-split air conditioner or a ductable air conditioner, we will be able to accompany you and advise you on the best to do for your home or business.

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