How to choose an air conditioner for one bedroom ?

Choosing an air conditioner for a room can be a real problem when faced with the various competing models on the market. Moreover, to choose a good air conditioner for a room, you need to base your choice on certain criteria such as power, performance and functionality. That’s why, in this article, we will help you choose the ideal air conditioner for your room, according to your needs.

Why put an air conditioner in a room?

Usually, we are confronted with high outside temperatures, so installing an air conditioning system in your room allows you to stay cool. Indeed, the functionality of an air conditioner is very simple: it collects the heat from your room and propels it outside. However, an air conditioner also provides you with heat in winter, it is the reversible system that allows it to switch to heating mode in cold season. In this case, your air conditioner takes heat from the outside air and sends it back to your room, even if it is cold outside. However, thanks to the filters integrated in the air conditioner, it purifies the air in your room and these filters allow to retain airborne waste such as dust, odors, pollutants that can affect your health. Note that some air conditioners are equipped with integrated air purifiers. You will have understood, choosing an air conditioner in your room gives you only comfort and pleasure, because thanks to its various features, it allows you to have an adequate and constant temperature for your sleep, while purifying the air inside your room.

What type of air conditioner should I choose for my bedroom?

If you only have one room to air condition, we recommend that you choose a single-split air conditioner. This is because this model is ideal for a single room, such as a bedroom. The advantage of the single-split air conditioner is that it is affordable and has low energy consumption. It is therefore in great demand on the market. Indeed, the monosplit system is composed of an outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit through a double pipe in which circulates a refrigerant allowing the exchange of energy between the two units. However, the most popular model on the market is the wall-mounted air conditioner, which is installed high on the wall. It is the most recommended for a room.

Choosing an air conditioner for a room according to the surface

The question we usually ask ourselves is whether we choose a room air conditioner based on the surface area? It is important to note that the choice of an air conditioner for a room is not made at random. This choice is based on one main criterion, namely, the power of the air conditioner. If the power is low, your air conditioner will not work properly and this will considerably reduce the life of your air conditioner, which will also consume a lot of energy without bringing you comfort. To know the adequate power according to the surface of your room, you can use the following formula: surface (m2) x Height (m) x 45 Watt/m3 This simplified calculation allows you to know what is the necessary power of air conditioning for your room by adding a safety of 10 to 20°/°. For a room of 12m2 in a new house with a ceiling height of 2.5m, the formula will be: 12m2 x 2.5m x 45 Watt = 1350 (1.5kw). So choose an air conditioner with a power of about 1500 Watts (1.5kw).

the heat balance

You should know that the real problem will be to know the heat balance of your room. The heat balance makes it easier for you because it gives you precisely the necessary power of your future air conditioner. So, to avoid any mistake, please turn to a specialist who will make the calculation taking into account the surrounding parameters such as the configuration of your room, the number of occupants, the insulation, the number of windows and others. All this information allows the professional to determine the exact power of your future air conditioner, the cost of the installation and especially a total guarantee on the good functioning of your air conditioner.